What is the meaning of Allah Yerhamo? The meaning of this Arabic phrase is “May Allah have mercy on him” or “May God have mercy upon her/his soul”.

Here are the different spellings of this word:

  • Rahimahullah (also meaning Allah have mercy upon him)
  • Allah yerhamo (said for males)
  • Allah yerhamak
  • Allah yerhamha (said for females)

The main difference between the phrase Allah Yerhamo and Rahimahullah; yerhamo is used upon hearing news for the deceased whereas rahimahullah is a phrase used after mentioning of a late scholar teacher, leader, or a dear relative who was known for their goodness.

When To Say

It’s often used just as English speakers would say “sorry for your loss” or “may he rest in peace” to the news of a deceased one. If the deceased is a female you would say, Allah Yerhama and if the deceased is a male, Allah Yerhamo. 

How To Write in Arabic:

Allah Yerhama in Arabic:

الله يرحمها

Allah Yerhamo in Arabic:

 الله يرحمه

Allah Yerhamo / Yerhama Used in a sentence

We went through Facebook and Twitter feeds for the use of the word. Here’s how Muslim’s use the word in regular conversation:

Allah yerhamo. I was lucky to know him and be around him during our high school days in wrestling and after. He will always be missed. Always remembered never forgotten.

Your dad raised an amazing guy, Allah yerhamo. He’s looking over you in heaven make him proud habibi!

My heart is aching. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’oun, Allah Yerhama. May Allah SWT reunite them both in Jannatul Firdaus.

My heart hurts for the people that died in that building fire in cedar. Allah yerhamo to them… for real ain’t no way it’s a coincidence.

So sorry to hear Nour, Allah yerhamo and may he be given jannat ul firdous ameen.

I send u my deepest condolences my dearest friend @HIDNAMEFORPRIVACY nothing replaces a mother, she is in peace now after her long struggles.. I will keep her in my prayers.. stay strong as she always wanted u to be.. Allah Yerhama.


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