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Surah Tariq Ayat 16 in Arabic Text

وَأَكِيدُ كَيْدًۭا
Wa akeedu kaidaa

English Translation

Here you can read various translations of verse 16

Sahih International
But I am planning a plan.

Yusuf Ali
And I am planning a scheme.

Abul Ala Maududi
and I too am devising a guile.

Muhsin Khan
And I (too) am planning a plan.

And I plot a plot (against them).

Dr. Ghali
And I am plotting (vengeful) plots.

Abdel Haleem
but so do I:

Quran 86 Verse 16 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Tariq ayat 16, we’ve provided two Tafseer works below. The first is the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi, the second is of Ibn Kathir.


(86:16) and I too am devising a guile.[9]

9. That is, these disbelievers are devising every kind of plan to defeat the invitation of the Quran; they wish to blow out this candle; they are creating all sorts of doubts In the people’s minds; they are inventing false accusations against the Prophet (peace be upon him) who has brought it, so as to frustrate his mission in the world and perpetuate the darkness of ignorance and unbelief which he is struggling so hard to remove.


The tafsir of Surah Tariq verse 16 by Ibn Kathir is unavailable here.
Please refer to Surah Tariq ayat 11 which provides the complete commentary from verse 11 through 17.

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