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Du'a for nightmares

For those unfamiliar, Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) is a well-known du'a book compiled by Said Bin Ali Bin Wahf Al-Qahtani. It categorizes authentic supplications that the Prophet ﷺ made in various situations. In the 30th chapter, "Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness during sleep" there are 1 supplications that you can learn and recite.

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We've created a video for each du'a to try and make it easy to learn. There's also transliteration and translation for every du'a. Lastly, after pressing the play button you can tap on any word and it'll skip to that part in the audio.

Chapter 30: Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness during sleep
1 du'a
أَعـوذُ بِكَلِمـاتِ اللّهِ التّـامّـاتِ مِن غَضَـبِهِ وَعِـقابِهِ وَشَـرِّ عِبـادِهِ وَمِنْ هَمَـزاتِ الشَّـياطينِ وَأَنْ يَحْضـرون
A`ūdhu bikalimāti ‘llāhit-tāmmātimin ghaḍabihi wa `iqābihi wa sharri `ibādih. wa min hamazātish-shayāṭīni wa an yaḥḍurūn.
I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from His anger and His punishment, from the evil of His slaves, and from the taunts of devils and from their presence.
Abu Dawud 4/12. See also Al-Albani, Sahih At- Tirmidhi 3/171
Hisnul Muslim 113