Du'a when wearing a new garment.

For those unfamiliar, Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) is a well-known du'a book compiled by Said Bin Ali Bin Wahf Al-Qahtani. It categorizes authentic supplications that the Prophet ﷺ made in various situations. In the third chapter, "when wearing a new garment" there is 1 supplication mentioned that you can learn and recite when putting on new clothes/garment.

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Chapter 3: When wearing a new garment
1 du'as
اللّهُـمَّ لَـكَ الحَـمْـدُ أنْـتَ كَسَـوْتَنيهِ أََسْأََلُـكَ مِـنْ خَـيرِهِ وَخَـيْرِ مَا صُنِعَ لَـه وَأَعوذُ بِكَ مِـنْ شَـرِّهِ وَشَـرِّ مـا صُنِعَ لَـهُ
Allāhumma lakal-ḥamdu 'anta kasawtanīhi,'as'aluka min khayrihi wa khayri mā ṣuni`a lahu. wa 'a`oothu bika min sharrihi wa sharri mā ṣuni`a lahu.
O Allah, praise is to You. You have clothed me. I ask You for its goodness and the goodness of what it has been made for, and I seek Your protection from the evil of it and the evil of what it has been made for.
Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi. See also Al-Albani, Mukhtasar Shama'il At-Tirmidhi, p. 47.
Hisnul Muslim 6