Fi Amanillah

What is the meaning of Fi Amanillah?

The meaning of this Arabic phrase can be roughly translated to “(be) with the safety of Allah” or “May Allah Protect You”. The general idea is a person recites it wishing for the safety of God (Allah) upon them.

There are different spelling variations in trying to write this Arabic word in English:

  • Fi Amanillah
  • Fi Aman illah
  • Fii Amanillah
  • Fi Aman Allah
  • Fee Amanillah

When To Say

It would be appropriate to say this phrase just as English speakers would say goodbye. The difference between reciting Fi amanillah versus Allah-Hafiz (khuda hafiz) is Allah Hafiz means “May God be your Guardian/Protector”.

It’s also commonly said when two people are about to be spread apart long distances and don’t know when they will next see each other next. You’re basically wishing them a safe journey on their travels.

How To Pronounce Fi Amanallah

Here’s a short 12 second video to help you with proper pronunciation.

Can You Use It a Sentence Please?

This isn’t a spelling bee, but sure I’ll provide you with some situations in which it would be appropriate to say. These are real life examples retrieved from Facebook and Twitter of random people naturally using the phrase.

Situation #1: Fee Amanillah. Have a safe flight!

Situation #2: Good night. Fi aman Allah.

Situation #3: Have a safe journey, hubby missing you already. Fi aman allah. See you soon Inshallah!

Situation #4: May Allah be with all of us. May HE make us a better person. May HE protect us from evil. May HE bless our country. Ameen. Fi’Aman’illah!

Situation #5: …late for us now time to sleep. Fi amanillah. See u tomorrow, inshallah.

This is the end of this article, let me know in the comments what word you’d like for us cover next.

Jazakallah khairan!

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