Prophet Nuh Coloring Book

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17 reviews for Prophet Nuh Coloring Book

  1. KHadeja faisal

    What a superb and easy way for our kids to learn about Islamic history in an enjoyable way

  2. Zaynab

    I really loved the post throughout the month of Ramadan. Very grateful Jazak Allah khair

  3. Hidayah

    Ma’sha Allah TabaraakaLah for giving us a great opportunity and beneficial knowledge to explore.

  4. Hamza

    Beautiful. Very useful

  5. Thambisa Mohamed

    masha Allah its very intresting

  6. Aleem Barnhardt

    Masha Allah

  7. DINESh Naik

    Awesome INSHAllAH Rejmaatah Nawaz Farmaye

  8. Shaik momin

    Masha Allah. Its very useful for everyone to know the history of our Islam and specially drawings of book will be occupy our children’s interest to read it.

  9. Nurudeen


  10. Abubaker Motala

    Ma’sha Allah an exciting way to teach the kids about the prophets of Islam.

  11. Samira

    Jazakha Allah hu Kheir

  12. Alam Zaib


  13. shabab huda (verified owner)

    I loved it so , iposted it in my FAcebook with the Link and first parah message as quote.. it is a great way to increase relegious orientation amoung kids

  14. Abisoye faysol

    Jazakhalahu khairan

  15. Zulaiha

    A creative way of teaching Islamic history. Jazakhalahu khair

  16. hajara

    I want a quranic book which translated and transliterated for reading.
    and it should be a complete book.

  17. پ


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Story of Prophet Nuh Coloring Book Activity

Teaching The Essence of Islam To Kids

We’ve put together a 9 page coloring book as an interactive and fun way to learn about Prophet Nuh (as) and the lessons his story can teach. We wanted to cover the following concepts, in these 9 pages a child will learn:

  • An understanding of The Story of Prophet Nuh (as), i.e. who he was and what he did.
  • Worshiping anyone but Allah is wrong.
  • Virtues of Prophet Nuh (as) of being kind, patient, and to never give up in what you believe.
  • To pray to Allah and thank him for everything.

The story is written so it’s easy to read and for children to understand.

∞ Unlimited Downloads

Unlike purchasing physical copies of coloring books which can only be used once you’ll be able to print unlimited copies. Children learn through repetition so you can print as many copies as you’d like and repeat this activity every other day. You can even print two copies and do one yourself. 

example of prophet nuh coloring book page

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