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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Verily, Allah is generous, and He loves generosity and exalted character.”

2022 In Review

Alhamdulillah – we had a busy year. Let me tell you all about it.

First and foremost, to all the readers and supporters of MyIslam.org, we want to express our sincerest gratitude as we welcome another blessed Ramadan. None of this would truly be possible without you.

Let’s begin with the goal of this site:

The intent behind myislam.org is to create one of the largest and most useful Islamic website for Muslims and non-muslims alike. Our approach is to research, explore and develop high-quality, engaging content (design, structure, tone, research, authenticity) and to create online applications (games, tools, resources, etc.).

I want to share and summarize the four major projects we completed since last Ramadan, and then we’ll make our annual stats review compared to the previous period.

(#1) 99 Names of Allah:

1. Published the entire series for free on our site for all to read. Over 110,000+ words long and read by over 30,000 people every month!
2. Along with this series, we had a real-time email course that spanned eight months and went out to over 70,000+ people three times a week. We collected over 900+ reviews and comments for feedback and averaged 4.57/5.00 stars.
3. Developed 99 names of Allah guessing game, played over 40,000 times, and was shared over 867 times.

(#2) Qur’an v3.0:

Listen and Understand the Qur’an.

1. Now Includes both Arabic and English Audio-playback with the ability to playback as Arabic only, English only, or you could listen to both.
2. Word-by-word karaoke highlighting.
3. 8 different relaxing thematic backgrounds (4 videos & 4 wall-papers).
4. Ambient background sounds (fan, water, nature, fire).
5. 280% faster than v2.0
6. Select the word to reveal it’s English meaning + pronunciation.

(#3) Qur’an PDFs

1. 114 PDFs Beautifully designed, ornamental frame and made completely free.
2. Includes Arabic, Transliteration, as well as Sahih International Translation.
3. Made interactive, click on any ayah in the PDF, and it will transport you to the tafsir page on our website for that verse.
4. Distributed to over 29,601 people who have downloaded the PDFs in the last year alone.
(#4) Islamic Coloring Book Application

We developed an online coloring book application and released the first book for children and adults. It includes a complete audiobook on the ninety names of Allah to follow along. This one is exciting because the core technology is developed, and we can now publish over 10-20 educational books to make learning important Islamic content and life principles fun for kids and teenagers.

• Download and sign your artwork to save on your device
• Can expand the text to read the full description
• Listen to the audio version
• Drawing Tool
• Paint Bucket Tool
• Textured Patterns
• Erase
• Undo/Redo button (keyboard shortcuts on desktop)
• Set custom colors

Insha-Allah, with time, we’ll have a whole library of educational content for you to use on a single device. This would be like carrying a whole library of books everywhere you go…But with an interactive element that can be far better for learning.


Year in review – statistics:

It’s fun to look at the stats, but it’s hard to evaluate the impact the right message could have for a single person delivered at the right time. What would that be worth? What would the butterfly effect be for their community, family, and neighborhood? I am not sure, and it’s impossible to measure. So, although one of the site’s goals is to continue to grow and reach a larger audience – it’s not all about the views.

Updated Results For This Year:

Previous Year:

Smaller Projects:

This covers the main projects we’ve completed, but we have made many other small improvements to the site that add up. For example:

1. Deep interlinking in the tafseer of Abul Maududi, any verse referenced in this book links directly to that ayah, so you can easily navigate and explore the links between verses.
2. Upgraded website server to the cloud for faster performance.
3. Custom-built sharing button on individual ayah pages, two-click share across all major social platforms with your preferred translation (e.g., Sahih vs. Yusuf Ali)
4. Qur’an Images and Gallery.
5. Added more entries with explanations to our online Islamic terms dictionary.
6. Developed “who wants to be a scholar” game with 146 questions testing your knowledge of the ninety names of Allah.
7. Recorded over 700+ du’as from the hadith books and need to create the supporting articles.
8. Few other smaller secret projects which, Insha-Allah, will be released this Ramadan.

About us

Why support My Islam?

As a small, self-funded team, we’ve learned how to do a lot with little.

We started just over 4 years ago, and by the will of Allah (سُبْحَٰنَهُۥ وَتَعَٰلَىٰ) our site is ranked among one of the most visited faith and belief sites in the entire world. We’ve poured a lot of effort into producing written educational content covering topics people are looking for answers to and interested in learning about. We’ve also created a suite of educational tools to help practicing Muslims.

This graph shows our entire website traffic since inception.

For the first year, no one knew we existed. We wrote many articles and developed the first version of our online Quran.

We had a few loyal readers who gave us encouraging feedback (thanks, mom), and we just kept working with faith. We like to call the initial phase of our existence the power of sabr.

Since then, we have been working diligently and consistently showed month-over-month improvement. We also developed an online Tasbih Dhikr app, Islamic Terms Dictionary, a Qibla direction finder, and various educational games. We’re always exploring and researching new opportunities and have projects being worked on and tested. You can see changes in our online Qur’an.

OLD:Simple: Just Arabic text, translation, transliteration.

We’ve also expanded the team with full-time, part-time, and freelance workers from all across the globe. This includes people from Pakistan, Canada, Tunisia, Sri-Lanka, and India. We hope to continue to serve the community and add to the breadth of amazing content online.


We realized and reported last year: If you want to control the narrative and show people the beauty of Islam, you have to own the spaces where they go to learn.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter create an echo chamber; their algorithms push things they believe would keep users on their platforms. This usually results in confirmation bias – people seeing what they want to see and channels they’ve already subscribed to.

The space where people go to learn and explore a topic is Google. This is an important arena where showing up first matters as you’re given the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Getting the authentic answer can guide someone who’s lost and save their faith, providing them hope and solace through religion.

The graph below shows we currently have 24,794 spots in the top 3 positions in Google. Last year, we reported 19,351 in the top 3, representing a 28% increase. Two years ago, we only occupied 3231, a 667% increase.

We humbly ask if you’re able to donate to consider supporting our organization.

We are self-funded by ourselves and our readers. We have no sponsors or investors. We’ve refused all display ads/banner ad opportunities because we believe it creates a negative experience and want to respect our readers.

This of course has its downside as we don’t maximize profits, but that’s not our goal. We want this site to benefit the reader, and offering a good user experience is part of that. But for this to be possible we need a small group of loyal sustainers.

99.99% of people who benefit from our site don’t support it monetarily (which is fine). We ask you to join the 0.01% who allow it to be better for the rest of us and support all future projects.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
“A person who leads others to doing what is good will earn the same reward as those who do it.”

Muslim 1893

The names have been blurred as the feedback form was private.

The help of the 99 series was incredible. Much appreciated for a convert!
— yo
Thank you and jazaka Alahu Khairan. I hope you send all Names again (corrected English) as you did before to remind us. I like receiving these emails. You may also want to send us some Hadiths from Al Bukhari. It has been translated to English for you.
— Pi
Inshallah I'll try my best to apply today's fantastic newsletter into my life. It was relatable and I truly appreciate each and every person who contributed in the making of this series. The words are so inspiring and motivating!! Jazakallah khair!
— Di
I wish i could rate this higher, subhanAllah a beautiful end to a wonderful series, may Allah ﷻ increase you in knowledge, grant light and ease to your hearts as you have mine
— Jk
I have been receiving these beautiful detailed emails for 8 months and Alhamdulillah throughout my 9 month of pregnancy , i am so happy to have learned so much from them. Hreat work has went into them. Thank you
— Rk
I LOVE the 99 Names of Allah series. I printed out the emails I opened so far and will be opening the rest and printing them out. The detail and teaching in them couldn't be better. I learned a lot.
— Ch
Alhamdulillah, I was surprised & delighted to receive this newsletter. Masha'allah. I am an American convert to Islam.
— Wa
Keep it up! You bring me closer to Allah!
I really enjoyed newsletter. I had subscribed previously and Alhamdullilah today was the first day I properly read though a newsletter. SubhanaAllah the timing was beautiful as my heart had been a bit heavy. I really appreciate how thorough it! Jzk
— Ia
Excellent newsletter especially 99 Names of Allah which I’m learning in depth. Third attempt with my feedback as send fox sends before I have completed my sentence. I look forward to your newsletter regularly.
Alhamdulillah. The newsletter supports me on my way to be a good muslim. Barak Allahu fikum, wa baraka lakum.
As Salaamu Alaikum. I wish that I could leave a voice mail so that i could say all that i want to say. This newsletter spoke to my heart so perhaps it was written from the heart. I needed this so very much! To read about Allah's mercy and boundless compassion. Thank you. Jazakum Allahu khairun katheerun for every letter.
— Ma
MaShaALLAH excellent explanation and the reflection you share with us are very practical. I started implementing these learning in my daily life. JazakAllah khairan.
SubhanAllah the explanation was beautiful and the pounts of reflection jyst what I neede to get intge habbit of utilizing tome mire efficiently.
— Kh
I am so grateful to you people for doing something like this. Unfathomably commendable.
— Ay
It's good ....you should add more languages in writing these articles that are common around the world it helps alot ... jazakallah khayran
— Ar
Alhamdullillah for that i found your wensite its really good and informative and easy to use...may allah help you and reward you ...and i would love to see a my islam app...because your wensite was just amazing and it had all the necessary things the translation and the tafseer both together...❤️
Alhamdullilahi for showing me to this web site where not only knowing d name of Allah n also will be blessed with the significant of each name
— Ab
A reality to start with is Al Azim. It will humble every muslim and tame their character. Shukran for being here
— Kh
Love your reminders, may Allah reward you for every letter that you sent us! Jazakallah khayr
I enjoyed the relevancy it had to my life truly felt Allah had me here for a reason as a confirmation on what I was building upon the day before
— Ig
It felt it came to me to fix my problem. It felt that whoever has sent this knew my problem.
— Ta
Jazakallahu Khairan who ever assembled this emails, very informative and gives the one who reads it perspective alhamdulillah
an absolutely beautiful newsletter that came at the perfect time, thank you so much Jazak Allah Khair beloved brothers and sisters!! ❤️
SubanAllah, such an online platform is highly commendable. Jazakallah !
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It’s really an inspiration of writing, i always calmed when I read or there’s a pop of notification.
I was very ignorant on many issues. Your newsletters are very educational. I can't thank you enough.
I am amazed! The text is beautifully organised and there is a vast detail of the names of Allah. The vocabulary use is excellent as so is the use of punctuation. Great Work Done! May Allah reward you for your hardwork! Ameen
I have this book of 99 names of Allah SWT which also tells how many times to say a name for what. I find it very helpful. No option to add a photo otherwise I would have uploaded. Thanks
— Hi
Maa Shaa Allah!!! May Allah (SWT) continue to increase every member of my Islam in knowledge and May Allah reunite us all in jannah. And bless us all in this dunya as well!. Keep up with the good work, 💕.
Salam alaikum.Masha Allah may Allah increase you in knowledge,an improvement that i would like to suggest is the use of reflection for instance like that which was used during ramadan news letter❤️❤️
Alhumdullilah. Your emails aid to bring perspective and balance. My gratitude to your writers. Jazak Allahu Khayrun
I have learned so much thru these lessons. I have been a muslima for over 40 years but never felt I learned enough. Always seeking always trying and you have helped me so much.
— Mo
Excellent for iman building and strengthening. It teaches as humility and encouragement to ask Allah for forgiveness and complete delition of our sins. It helps to hold on the rope of tawakul Allah. It soothes the heart and hope for jannah al firdaus
— Za
The writer of these articles certainly has a good grasp grasp of the English language that promotes greater faith as we read it. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. Allah is indeed At Rauf
Future Projects
Alhamdulillah, we have big projects planned for 2022 and beyond.

1. Human sounding A.I generated voice-over to create audio for tafsir

Tafsir of ayah 1:1:
One of the many practices taught by Islam is that its followers should begin their activities in the name of God. This principle, if consciously and earnestly followed, will necessarily yield three beneficial results. First, one will be able to restrain oneself from many misdeed, since the habit of pronouncing the name of God is bound to make one wonder when about to commit some offence how such an act can be reconciled with the saying of God’s holy name. Second, if a man pronounces the name of God before starting good and legitimate tasks, this act will ensue that both his starting point and his mental orientation are sound. Third – and this is the most important benefit – when a man begins something by pronouncing God’s name, he will enjoy God’s support and succour; God will bless his efforts and protect him from the machinations and temptation of Satan. For whenever man turns to God, God turns to him as well.

2. Quranic Videos

This was a time-intensive project but we’re close to finishing now.

3. Free Quran Note-taking Software

We’re working with a very talented developer from Pakistan who’s helping us create a free Qur’an note-taking software / journal. The ability to not only favorite your verses but to add your own private commentary. You can also categorize and organize your notes by topic. See the demo below.

4. Android and IOS app of My Islam

We want to take our existing technology and make an Android and IOS app making the Qur’an and Islamic content more accessible.

5. NEW Educational GUIDES:

A person can only see the truth through the pursuit of knowledge. Emotions and passions take us away from the truth. Only through reasoning and intellect can we be freed. We constantly reinvest the funds into creating new Islamic content. Some guides we want to create:
1. Prophet Stories
2. A new Muslims Guide to Islam
3. Hajj and Umrah Guide
4. Biography of Prophet Muhammad
5. Ramadan Guide

Insha-Allah one of the staples we hope the My Islam site will be known for, is for the biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We’re eager to put a ridiculous amount of effort into producing a completely web-based seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. There are many great seerahs already out but they are expensive to purchase. Since we’re crowd-funded by our readers, we get to play by different set of rules. We can research and release a free version on our site making this kind of information more accessible to a larger audience. I don’t know of a single Islamic website that has created something of the magnitude we wish to create. Probably because a project like this takes a long time, is difficult to pull off, and is largely unprofitable. For committing to just the price of a coffee $2.00/month (or more) you can help make this a reality for our team.

5. Categorize the Qur’an by topics (Qur’an verses on love, life, marriage etc)

6. Online community forum

We’re thinking about experimenting with a community forum where users can create, share and debate publicly every ayat of the Qur’an. We would integrate this with our existing platform and allow for open discourse and self-policing. But the worry is if it becomes a cesspool with misinformation, unproductive conversation, or place for spam from those who want to attack Islam. We’re willing to create this space as an experiment with best intentions and then watch it carefully to see how it plays out.

7. Salah Tracker

An online tool to help you in your salah and develop better habits. With this, you can generate reports, filter and find out what salah you consistently miss (if any). You’ll also get the encouragement of developing a streak and the ability to download reports. Here’s a demo.

8. Interactive Educational Games:

There’s wordle which captured the attention of millions across the globe. What fun and interactive Islamic games exist to teach us something beneficial? We have two in mind, general-purpose quiz testing on basic or fundamental questions about our faith. Wrong answers will show appropriate guides on our site to provide further reading. And the second game would be a beat the clock guessing game with the 99 names of Allah سُبْحَٰنَهُۥ وَتَعَٰلَىٰ to help with memorization.