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Surah Balad Ayat 10 in Arabic Text

وَهَدَيۡنَٰهُ ٱلنَّجۡدَيۡنِ
Wa hadaynaahun najdayn

English Translation

Here you can read various translations of verse 10

Sahih International
And have shown him the two ways?

Yusuf Ali
And shown him the two highways?

Abul Ala Maududi
And did We not show him the two highroads (of good and evil)?

Muhsin Khan
And shown him the two ways (good and evil)?

And guide him to the parting of the mountain ways?

Dr. Ghali
And guided him on the two highways (of good and evil)?

Abdel Haleem
and point out to him the two clear ways [of good and evil]?

Muhammad Junagarhi
ہم نے دکھا دیئے اس کو دونوں راستے

Quran 90 Verse 10 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Balad ayat 10, we’ve provided two Tafseer works below. The first is the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi, the second is of Ibn Kathir.


(90:10) And did We not show him the two highroads (of good and evil)?[10]

10. That is, We have not left him alone after granting him the faculties of thinking and reasoning so that he may have to search out his own way, but We have also guided him and opened up before him both the highways of good and evil, virtue and vice, so that he may consider them seriously and choose and adopt one or the other way on his own responsibility. This same subject has been expressed in (Surah Ad-Dahr, Ayat 2-3), thus: Indeed We created man from a mixed sperm-drop, to try him, and so We made him capable of hearing and seeing. We showed him the way, whether to be grateful or disbelieving. For explanation, see (Surah Ad-Dahr, ayat 6-7).


The tafsir of Surah Balad verse 10 by Ibn Kathir is unavailable here.
Please refer to Surah Balad ayat 1 which provides the complete commentary from verse 1 through 10.

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