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Surah Naba Ayat 16 in Arabic Text

وَجَنَّـٰتٍ أَلۡفَافًا
Wa jan naatin alfafa

English Translation

Here you can read various translations of verse 16

Sahih International
And gardens of entwined growth.

Yusuf Ali
And gardens of luxurious growth?

Abul Ala Maududi
and gardens dense with foliage?

Muhsin Khan
And gardens of thick growth.

And gardens of thick foliage.

Dr. Ghali
And gardens entwined.

Abdel Haleem
and luxuriant gardens?

Muhammad Junagarhi
اور گھنے باغ (بھی اگائیں)

Quran 78 Verse 16 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Naba ayat 16, we’ve provided two Tafseer works below. The first is the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi, the second is of Ibn Kathir.


(78:16) and gardens dense with foliage?[11]

11. For the details of the wonderful manifestations of Allah Almighty’s power and wisdom in making arrangements for the rain and the growth of vegetation thereby, see (Surah An-Nahl, ayat 64) note 53; (Surah Al-Mominoon, ayat 18) note 17; (Surah Ash-Shuara, ayat 8) note 5; (Surah Ar-Room, ayat 24) note 35; (Surah Fatir, ayat 9) note 19; (Surah YaSeen, ayat 35) note 29; (Surah Al-Momin, ayat 13) note 20; (Surah Az-Zukhruf, ayat 11) note 10,11; (Surah Al-Waqiah, ayat 64-70) note 28-30.

After presenting a number of the signs and testimonies, one after the other, in these verses, the deniers of the Resurrection and Hereafter have been exhorted, so as to say: If you consider the earth and the mountains and your own creation, your sleep and wakefulness, and the system of the day and night intelligently, and consider the well-fortified system of the universe and the shining sun in the heavens, the rain falling from the clouds and the vegetables growing thereby, you will see two things very clearly: first, that all this could neither come into existence without a mighty power, nor continue to exist and function so regularly; second, that in each of these great wisdom is working and nothing that happens here is purposeless. Now, only a foolish person could say that the Being Who by His power has brought these things into existence, does not have the power to destroy them and create them once again in some other form, and this also could be said only by an unreasonable person that the Wise Being Who has not done anything without purpose in this universe, has given to man in His world understanding and intelligence, discrimination between good and evil, freedom to obey or disobey, and powers of appropriation over countless of His creatures, without any purpose and design: whether man uses and employs the things granted by Him in the right way or the wrong way, it does not make any difference; whether man continues to do good throughout life till death, he will end up in the dust, or continues to do evil till death, he will likewise end up in the dust. Neither the virtuous man will receive any reward for the good deeds nor the bad man will be held accountable for his evil deeds. These very arguments for life after death and Resurrection and Hereafter have been given here and there in the Quran, e.g. see (Surah Ar-Raad, ayat 2) note 7; (Surah Al-Hajj, ayat 7) note 9; (Surah Ar-Room, ayat 8) note 6; (Surah Saba, ayat 8-9) note 10,12; (Surah As-Saaffat, ayat 11) note 8,9.


The tafsir of Surah Naba verse 16 by Ibn Kathir is unavailable here.
Please refer to Surah Naba ayat 1 which provides the complete commentary from verse 1 through 16.

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