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Surah Ash-Shura Ayat 3 in Arabic Text

كَذَٰلِكَ يُوحِيٓ إِلَيۡكَ وَإِلَى ٱلَّذِينَ مِن قَبۡلِكَ ٱللَّهُ ٱلۡعَزِيزُ ٱلۡحَكِيمُ
Kazaalika yooheee ilaika wa ilal lazeena min qablikal laahul ‘Azeezul Hakeem

English Translation

Here you can read various translations of verse 3

Sahih International
Thus has He revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and to those before you – Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Wise.

Yusuf Ali
Thus doth (He) send inspiration to thee as (He did) to those before thee,- Allah, Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.

Abul Ala Maududi
Thus does Allah, the Most Mighty, the Most Wise reveal to you even as (He revealed) to those (Messengers) who preceded you.

Muhsin Khan
Likewise Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise inspires you (O Muhammad SAW) as (He inspired) those before you.

Thus Allah the Mighty, the Knower inspireth thee (Muhammad) as (He inspired) those before thee.

Dr. Ghali
Thus reveals to you, and to the ones (even) before you Allah, The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise.

Abdel Haleem
This is how God, the Mighty, the Wise, sends revelation to you [Prophet] as He did to those before you.

Muhammad Junagarhi
اللہ تعالیٰ جو زبردست ہے اور حکمت واﻻ ہے اسی طرح تیری طرف اور تجھ سے اگلوں کی طرف وحی بھیجتا رہا

Quran 42 Verse 3 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Ash-Shura ayat 3, we’ve provided two Tafseer works below. The first is the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi, the second is of Ibn Kathir.


(42:3) Thus does Allah, the Most Mighty, the Most Wise reveal to you even as (He revealed) to those (Messengers) who preceded you.[1]

1. The style of the opening verses by itself shows that in the background there are the misgivings, wonder and amazement which were being expressed at that time in every assembly, every meeting place, every street and every house and shop of Makkah at the message of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the themes of the Quran. The people said; Where is this man bringing from new revelations to us every day? The like of these we have never heard nor seen before. How strange that he rejects as false the religion that our forefathers have been following in the past, the religion that is still being followed by all of us, and the traditions and ways that have been prevalent in the country for so many centuries; and he says that the religion that he presents only is right and true. They said: Had he presented even this new religion in a way as to substitute some of the falsehood he found in the ancestral paganism and prevalent customs with certain others which might be the result of his own thought, there could be a dialogue with him. But he says that what he recites is divine Word. How can we accept this? Does God visit him, or does he visit God? Or does some dialogue take place between him and God? It is in the background of such expression of wonder and doubt that although the address is apparently directed to the Prophet (peace be upon him), the disbelievers have in fact been told: Yes, these very things are being revealed by the All-Mighty, the All-Wise Allah, and with the same themes has its revelation been coming down to all the former Prophets.

Lexically, wahi means swift and secret instruction, i.e. an inspiration which is made with such haste and speed that none may know it except the inspirer and the one being inspired. As a term this word has been used for the guidance and instruction that is put in the mind of a man by Allah like a flash of lightning. What is meant to be said here is this: There is no question of Allah’s visiting somebody or somebody’s visiting Allah and speaking face to face with Him. He is All-Mighty and All-Wise. Whenever He pleases to have a contact with a servant for the guidance and instruction of mankind, nothing can obstruct His will and intention, for He adopts the method of revelation for the purpose by His wisdom. This very theme has been repeated in the last verses of the Surah with greater clarity and detail.

As to the people’s objection that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was presenting strange and novel things, it has been said: There is nothing strange and novel in what Muhammad (peace be upon him) presents. Allah has been giving the same guidance and instruction to the Prophets who came before him in the world.


The tafsir of Surah Shura verse 3 by Ibn Kathir is unavailable here.
Please refer to Surah Shura ayat 1 which provides the complete commentary from verse 1 through 6.

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