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Surah Takwir Ayat 25 in Arabic Text

وَمَا هُوَ بِقَوۡلِ شَيۡطَٰنٖ رَّجِيمٖ
Wa maa huwa biqawli shaitaanir rajeem

English Translation

Here you can read various translations of verse 25

Sahih International
And the Qur’an is not the word of a devil, expelled [from the heavens].

Yusuf Ali
Nor is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.

Abul Ala Maududi
nor is it a word of an accursed Satan.

Muhsin Khan
And it (the Quran) is not the word of the outcast Shaitan (Satan).

Nor is this the utterance of a devil worthy to be stoned.

Dr. Ghali
And in no way is it the saying of an outcast Shaytan (Ever-vicious “one”, i.e., devil)

Abdel Haleem
This is not the word of an outcast devil.

Muhammad Junagarhi
اور یہ قرآن شیطان مردود کا کلام نہیں

Quran 81 Verse 25 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Takwir ayat 25, we’ve provided two Tafseer works below. The first is the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi, the second is of Ibn Kathir.


(81:25) nor is it a word of an accursed Satan.[21]

21. That is, you are wrong in thinking that some Satan comes and whispers these words into the ear of Muhammad (peace be upon him). It does not suit Satan that he should divert man from polytheism, idol worship, atheism and sin and turn him to God-worship and Tauhid, make man realize that he should live a life of responsibility and accountability to God instead of living an irresponsible, care-free life, should forbid man to adopt practices of ignorance, injustice, immorality and wickedness and lead him to a clean life of justice, piety and high morals. For further explanation, see (Surah Ash-Shuara, Ayat 210-212), and (Surah Ash-Shuara, Ayat 221-223).


The tafsir of Surah Takwir verse 25 by Ibn Kathir is unavailable here.
Please refer to Surah Takwir ayat 15 which provides the complete commentary from verse 15 through 29.

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