Being a Muslim we all should know the 4 types of prayers in Islam. 

There are 4 distinct types of prayers, each holding a different weight in Islam. We will also discuss commandments given by Allah surrounding namaz.

  1. The First and most important is Fardh Prayer. Fardh Salat is obligatory and missing the prayer is grave sin. 
  2. Wajib Salat is also obligatory and missing it also constitutes a major sin, but not as great as missing a Fardh Salat. 
  3. The next is Sunnah which is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) practice.  Now, there are two kinds of Sunnah Salat which are Muakkadah and the other is Ghair Muakkadah. The first was practiced regularly and missing it also constitutes a sin, not as great as the first or second. Ghair Muakkadah is prayers that Rasulullah (pbuh) practiced occasionally but you may or may not pray it. 
  4. Nafl is the last of the four types and is voluntary. It is often prayed for extra virtue but missing it does not constitute a sin 

We make a note here, Imam Abu Hanifah differentiates between Fardh and Wajib. All other schools consider Wajib a part of either Fardh or Sunnah Muakkadah salats. 


Allah’s Commandments For Daily Salat

In The Quran (see our free online Quran) Allah says “Establish Salat at the two ends of the day (Fajr and Maghrib), and at the appearance of night (Isha) – Al Hud 11:114

Establish Salat at the going down of the sun (Zuhr).  – Bani Israil 17:78

Guard Strictly your Salat, especially the middle salat (Asr) – Surah Al Baqarah 2:238. 

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