Find Qibla Direction

My Islam Qibla Direction Finder.
Locate the exact direction of the Kaaba from wherever you are in the world.

We offer three experiences to help you find the exact location of the Kaaba.

The first is the coolest of the three with AR (augmented reality). We teleport you directly from your home to being in Masjid Al-Haram where you can look around to find exactly where the Kaaba would be.

The second is the standard qibla direction compass. A simple and effective way to find the prayer direction.

The last is for desktops and computers since they don’t have GPS capabilities. See the exact distance from your house to the mosque as well as the qibla compass angle.

Not Working?

If you’re having issues with all three applications, you will likely need to allow location permissions to the website, as they may have been disabled. The app uses the GPS in your phone to orient you towards the Kaaba (Lat 21.4224779 Long 39.8251832). None of your location data is stored outside the app and you can always disable permissions.

Note: if you are on a desktop computer or laptop and try to select either (1) Augmented reality or (2) old-school compass. It will redirect you to the desktop version. Please try again from your phone for best experience.