Tabarakallah, Mashallah.

Here’s a short du’a we can recite asking Allah (swt) to grant you a blessed child:

رَبَّنَا ھَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّیَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْیُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِینَ إِمَامًا

Rabbana Hablana min azwaajina wadhurriy-yatina, qurrata ‘ayioni wa-jalna lil-muttaqeena Imaama
“Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us a leader [i.e., example] for the righteous.”
Surah Al-Furqan Ayah 74

‘coolness to the eye’ is an old Arabic expression which from a spiritual perspective means to bring joy, peace, or happiness. Thus this is a beautiful supplication we should learn asking Allah (swt) to grant us “coolness of the eyes” among our wives, our children and all future generations.

On the subject of naming your child in Islam:

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

Naming your baby boy’s can seem inconsequential, a decision that can be made in a day, but know it will play a huge impact on his life. It will be a form of communication that he will have to carry with him for the rest of his life. You want it to be a strong name, one that he can love and be proud of. It also tells the world something about him, what religion he belongs to, his identity, culture, ethnicity and can either make him feel included or excluded.

When it comes to naming your child you want a name that the child will not be embarrassed by when being called by Allah (swt) on the day of judgement. The names which Allah Almighty loves most are ‘Abdullah and ‘Abdu’r-Rahman. The most truthful names are Harith and Humam. The ugliest names are Harb and Murra.” (Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 814) The names most detested is Malikil-Amlak (king of kings) as this name is reserved for Allah alone (Sahih Tirmidhi Hadith 2837)

One important ruling is when naming your Child after one of Allah’s 99 names, you must include the prefix Abdul meaning “servant”. So for example, the name Majid (the glorious one, perfect power) is a name reserved only for Allah. But add the prefix Abdul and the meaning changes to ‘servant of the glorious one’ and it is now permissible.

Does it have to be an Arabic name?

It’s is generally better to have an Arabic name but it’s not necessary. Like making a du’a, you can make du’a in any language but a du’a made in Arabic is better for you.

So the name can have a Persian or Urdu background, this is acceptable, as long as the name has a good meaning.

You may also want to consider how the native speakers will pronounce that name. Will they change the meaning by their pronunciation? This is something that has to be considered. We must do our due-diligence by writing the name out and asking friends and colleagues around us to pronounce it.

I am sure you want to give your child the best chance of success in social interactions and an easy life where he is not demonized or bullied based on a misunderstanding or mispronunciation in an English speaking environment.

General advice is to name your child after the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet) as this would encourage the child as they grow older to learn about the historical people that carried the same name. They will feel connected to Islam knowing the amazing role models that lived before him and may feel inclined to follow in their footsteps.

This introduction just scratches the surface of good naming practices. Inshallah you’ll have found the advice useful. Below we’ve researched 228 different Muslim boy names, some are Islamic names from the Qur’an and others are from different backgrounds like Pakistani names, or Persian boy names.


Muslim boy names starting with A

Adam آدم Surface of the earth, ground, or dust
Aatif / Atif عَاطِف The Kind one, Affectionate
Ayyub أَيُّوْب To return to God. Also, name of a Prophet of Allah (swt).
Azhar أَظْهَر‎ Shining, Luminous, Brilliant or Clear
Anwar أَنْوَر Most bright, most brilliant, friend, companion
Asad أَسَد literally meaning lion
Asad Allāh أَسَدُ ٱلله‎ Lion of Allah
Aslam أَسْلَم Very safe, safeguarded, one who is protected from calamities
Asgar أَصْغَر Smallest, minute
Anees أَنِيْس One who makes acquaintances, friend, genial
Akbar أَكْبَر The greatest, honourable
Athar اثار Most pious, meticulously neat, clean, organized
Ashfaaq اشفاق Kindness, favours
Ameen / Amin أمين Trustworthy, trustee, honest. Nick name of Prophet Muhammad (saw) as he was known to the Meccans because of his nobility
Anjum أَنْجُم Stars
Awais أويس gifted, bestowed, or can mean little wolf. .Uwais / Owais – live during Prophet’s lifetime but never met him
Not Sahabah, classified as Tabiun. Fought in battle alongside Ali (ra) and killed in battle
Anas أنس Person who brings joy and peace. Also, come from root innas (mankind)
of mind.
Amaan أمان safety, security, protection.
Amanullah أَمَانُ الله God’s peace, God’s safety
Akhlaq أَخْلاَق morality, integrity, disposition, nature, temper, ethics, morals or manners (of a person)
Ameer / Amir أمير Commander, noble-person, chief,
or leader.
Azmat عَظْمَتْ Greatness, might, or importance
Akram أکرم‎ benevolent, most gracious
Asim عاصم shield, protector, guardian, a person who keeps away from sins
Arshad ارشاد Well-guided person, upright, or most mature.
Aahil عَاهِل Prince or great king (ruler or emperor)
Aalam عَالَم World
Aalim عَالِم Religious scholar, knowledgeable
Aamil اميل Doer, worker, striver
Aqib / Aaqib عقيب Final, Successor, Following, Subsequent. One of the nicknames belonging to Prophet Muhammad (saws)
Aqil / Akeel, Aaqil عَاقِل knowledgeable, intelligent, wise, sensible or reasonable.
Aarif عَارِف Knowing, aware
Ariz عَرِض Active, energetic
Aaryan اريان one who belongs to the noble people
Aashif اشف Bold, courageous
Aashir أشير Wealthy
Aasif / Asif عاصف An able minister, strong, stormy,
and fierce
Aaus اس Name of a tree
Abaan أبان Meaning of name is not understood. An old Arabic name.
Abbas عَبَّاس Lion.  It is the name of many companions of Prophet Muhammad.
Adeel عَدِيْل Virtuous, one who acts with justice
and fairness. The one who is moderate.
Adnan عَدْنَان One who settles for a long
time in a place. Eternal settlement.
Affan عفّان chaste, modest, or pure.
Ashaar أَشْعَر Fierce like a lion.
Ahsan أَحْسَن the most beautiful or handsome
Ali عليّ Lofty, sublime, noble, superb. Common name among Muslims out of love for Ali bin Abi Talib. The cousin of Prophet Muhammad (saws).
Ahmed / Ahmad أحمد The one deserving most deserving of praise due to their good character. (Same meaning as Muhammad)
Aaron / Harun هارون high mountain. It is the name of Prophet Harun (Aaron), brother of Prophet Musa, or Moses.
Arif / Aarif عَارِف knowledgeable
Arsalan ارسلان Lion, fearless like a lion.
Ayaan أيان God’s gift, a gift of god, reward, or blessing.
Azan أذان call for worship, announcement
Afeef عفيف Virtuous, Chaste, Pious
Affan عفّان Avoider of sin, chaste, virtuous, and pure.
Aabid عَابِد Worshiper, the one who worships
Allah (swt).
Aadil / Adil عَادِل Just, Upright
Aazim / Azim عَازِم Determined, of having firm resolve, or resolute.
Aaban أبان Meaning not understood, old Arabic name. Also, name of an Angel.

Muslim boy names starting with B


Basil بَاسِل brave, fearless, intrepid
Bashir بَشِيْر The one who brings good news
Bassam / Basam بسام The one who smiles, always smiling.
Badr  بَدْر Full moon
Barak / Baraq بَرَّاق Radiant, dazzling, or brilliant.

Muslim boy names starting with D


Daniyal / Daniel دانيال  God is my judge
Daneesh / Danish دانش Knowledge, intelligent, wisdom
Dawoud, Dawud, da’ud دَاؤُوْد‎ beloved friend
Dayyan دين A mighty Ruler
Deen دين religion’, “creed”, “credo”, “way of life
Dalil دَلِيْل Guide, or mentor

Muslim boy names starting with E


Ehsan / Ihsan إِحْسَان Graciousness, compassion, kindness, or generosity

Muslim boy names starting with F

Fahim فاهيم perceptive, keen, clever, or wise
Faisal فَيْصَل resolute, judge, decisive ruler
Fahad فهد panther, leopard or cheetah
Faizan فيضان successful, beneficence, great grace
Farzan فرزان Calm, experienced, wise, or sensible.
Fakhr فَخْر Glory, honor, pride
Farrukh فَرّخ Happy, auspicious
Fawwaz فَوّاز person who wins, victor, or victorious
Farhan فَرحان Joyous, happy, rejoice, or cheerful.
Faraz فراز Ascent, Height
Firuz فيروز Triumphant, victor
Fidyan فدیان Person who makes sacrifice

Muslim boy names starting with G


Ghazi غَازِي Conquerer, warrior, fighter
Ghufran غُفْران Forgiving, to pardon
Gulab گلاب Rose
Ghulam ُلَا Slave or servant
Ghaith غيث Rain
Ghalib غاليب To overcome, to defeat

Muslim boy names starting with H

Haris حَارِث Ease
Haafiz حافظ Guardian, perserver (commit the entire Qur’an to memory to preserve it)
Habeeb حَبِيب Beloved, dear friend
Hasan حسن Pious, good, fine, beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Abdul-Haseeb عَبْدُ الحَسِيْب Servant of the Reckoner
Hussein / Husayn   حُسَيْن‎  Good, handsome, beautiful
Hamzah / Hamza حمزة Lion, strong, steadfast. Also the name of beloved uncle of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
Haneef حَنِيف Devout believer, monotheist, a person
who believes in the oneness of God.
Hidayat هدية guidance, instruction, righteousness
Hammad حَمَّاد one who praises
Haris حَارِث Cultivator, the one who plows, farmer.
Huzaifah حُذَيْفَة Wise, intellectual man, ability to perceive. Also name of one of the Prophet’s (pbuh) companions

Muslim boy names starting with I

Imran عمران The name of the father of Maryam
(may Allah be pleased with her). Name of the 3rd Surah.
Iqbal  إِقْبَال good fortune, becoming successful
Imtiaz امتياز Different, unique, distinction
Imad عماد Pillar of strength, confidence
Idris إدريس  studious, smart, or to learn, also the name of the Prophet of Allah (swt)
Ishaq اسحاق‎  Arabic form of Isaac
Isaaq إسحاق‎  honest, trustworthy
Ikhlas إخلاص Sincerity, also name of Surah
Isam عِصام Connection, promise, safeguard
Ismail إِسْمَاعِيْل hearer, heard by God, gift from God
Ibrahim إبراهيم Father of nations, name of the Prophet of Allah (swt)
Irfan عرفان Wisdom, knowledge

Muslim boy names starting with J

Jaabir جابِرٌ Consoler, comforter, the one who makes things better.
Ja’far جَعْفَر River, stream, canel or brook.
Jalaal / Jalal جلال Glory of faith
Jaleel جليل Great, revered
Jamaal / Jamal جَمَال Beauty
Junaid جُنَيْد Soldier, Warrior, a small army
Jawad  جواد Bountiful, generous, liberal, magnanimous
Javed جفيد Eternal, perpetual

Muslim boy names starting with K

Khalid خَلِيد Permanent, durable, one who does not grow weak
Khateeb خَطِيب Orator, speaker, one who gives a speech.
Kamal كمال‌‎ perfection, excellence, completeness
Kashif كاشيف discoverer, revealer, uncoverer
Kamran كامران Without problems, happy, blessed
Kawthar كوثر name of a river in paradise, also name of Surah in Qur’an
Khabib حبيب beloved, loved one
Khurshid  خورشيد The sun
Kahil خليل Good friend
Kamil كاميل Perfect, the perfect one, complete
Khayr / Khair خَيْرٌ Excellent, best, opposite of bad.

Muslim boy names starting with L


Luqman لُقْمَان Wise man, a person named in Surah Luqman.
Lut وط Name of the Prophet of Allah (swt)

Muslim boy names starting with M

Muhammad محمّد A person who’s character is praiseworthy, commendable, laudable.
Also the name of the last Prophet of Allah (swt).
Muhsin مُحْسِن Helper, humanitarian, doer of good deeds.
Muneeb مُنِيْبٌ One who returns to Allah and repents, return to God’s way.
Mustafa مُصْطَفَى Chosen, selected, preferred. Also one of the title’s of prophet Muhammad (saw).
Minhaaj مِنْهَاج road, the way, curriculum
Muhibb مهيب Lover
Mahboob مَحْبُوب Beloved, adored, cute.
Mahmood محمود elegant, praiseworthy, attribute of prophet muhammad (saws)
Mukhtaar مُخْتَار selected, chosen, exquisite. One who is chosen by Allah.
Murshad مُرْشَد Guided on the right path.
Mazhar مَظْهَر appearance, demeanor, sight, view
Muzzamil مُزَّمِّل one who is enwrapped
Moazzam / Moezzam معظم Respectable
Muslih مُصْلِح Reformer, good doer, improver
Muttalib مُطَّلِب Seeker, demander. Grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (saws)
Misbaah مصباح Lamp, latern, oil light
Miftaah مِفْتَاح Key, the one who guides others to the right path
Maqbool مَقْبُول Accepted or approved.
Moosa مُوْسَى No absolute definition. Assumed meaning, “the water” or
“saved by the water”.
Mumin مُؤْمِن Believer
Muzaffar  مُظَفَّر Victorious, triumphant, victor
Marwan مَرْوَان Solid Stone. Very strong lion or a leader.

Muslim boy names starting with N


Nasir ناصر Helper, aide, defender
Nabeel نَبِيْل Noble, brave, distinguished, high-born
Najam ناجام Morning star, star.
Naseem نَسِيْم a cool or gentle breeze, fragrant air
Naseer نصير. A helper, a friend, someone who helps people become successful or victorious
Na’eem نَعِيم pleasure, bounty, bliss, comfort
Abdul-Nur نُورٌ Divine light, prime light, the light that guides. One of Allah’s 99 attributes.
Nuh نُوْح name of Prophet of Allah (swt)
Nu’man / Nouman نُعْمَان Blood or red. Name of sahaba and also name of Abu Hanafi
Nadeem نديم companion, friend, confidant

Muslim boy names starting with O


Owais أُوَيْس little wolf. Also name of companion of Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Osama أسامة Lion
Omar / Umair / Omair عُمر Flourishing, long-lived
Obaid / Ubaid عُبَيْد Servant, or small slave

Muslim boy names starting with Q


Qasim  قَاسِم Distributor, giver, the one who is generous. The name of Prophet Muhammad (saw) son.
Qamar قَمَر The moon

Muslim boy names starting with R


Rashid راشد Well-guided, follower of the right path, mature.
Rashad رَشَاد To acquire the right-guidance,  lead a righteous life.
Rafee رافي High-ranking, noble, exaulter, sublime
Rafeeq / Rafik / Rafiq رفيق A kind hearted person, good mannered, a friend.
Rayhan ريحان A sweet smelling plant, good scent, fragrance
Rayan ريَّان The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter
Ridwan رضوان contentment
Rizwan رضوان the angel in charge of maintaining Jannah or Paradise in Islam.
Rohan روحان spiritual, kind-hearted, compassionate

Muslim boy names starting with S

Saajid ساجد‎ The one who prostrate
Sajjad سجاد Kneeling in prayer, prostration
Saleem / Salim سَليم unblemished, safe, intact, undamaged, or complete.
Siraaj سِرَاج Lamp, light, production of light.
Sad سعد Prosperity, fortunate, blessedness.
Sa’eed / Said سَعيد Happy, auspicious, successful
Suhail سُهَيْل Without trouble, lenient, easy to interact with.
Saif سَيْف sword
Shafi شَافِي Mediator, curer, or helper.
Shakil / Shakeel / Shaquille شاكيل Handsome, good-looking, well-shaped
Shuaib / Suhayb / shoaib  صُهَيْب Who shows the right path. Name of the prophet of Allah (swt).
Shahab  شَهَاب shooting star, flame, brightness of flame, meteor
Shaheed شهيد Witness, one who gives evidence based on truth
Sadiq / Sadik صَادِق honesty, true-hearted, sincere, truth or loyalty
Sabur / Saboor صَبُور Patient, tolerant, forbearing
Sultan  سُلْطَان Ruler, emperor, authority
Shahzad شهزاد Son of the king
Salman سلمان‎ healthy, safe, pure from any illness
Sayyid / Syed سادة  Usually an honorific title denoting accepted descendents of Prophet Muhammad (saws) and his Ali (ra) 

Muslim boy names starting with T


Tanweer تنوير To illuminate, radiant, appearance of light in the morning
Tawfeeq تَوْفِيْق Granted a favourable situation by Allah (swt), prosperity, success.
Tameez / Tamiz تاميز discernment, sense, distinction
Taqi تَقِيّ One who fears Allah, God-conscious, God-fearing
Tayyib طَيِّب good, sweet, agreeable, pure, chaste
Taha طه Meaning of the name is unknown. It is the 20th Surah of the Qur’an titled Ta-Ha.
Tahir / Taahir طاهر pure, virtuous, free from sin. Also name of one of the sahaba.

Muslim boy names starting with W


waleed وَلِيد Baby, infant, new-born. Also name of sahaba.
Waseem وسيم Graceful, good Looking, handsome
Wazir, Wazeer وَزير an adviser to the counsel to the king, minister, helper
Waqaar / Waqar وَقَار Dignity, constancy, self-respect
Abdul-Wahab عَبْدُ الوَهَّاب Servant of the bestower. All names of Allah must begin with Abdul meaning servant.
Waqqas / Waqas وَقَّاص Soldier, warrior, combatant, breaker.
Walid / Waleed وَلِيد Newborn, child, baby

Muslim boy names starting with Y


Yasir ياسر To become easy.
Yaseen / Yasin يٰسٓ‎ No official meaning, two arabic letters Yaa and Seen. Name of the 36th Surah of the Qur’an
Yaqeen يَقِيْن Belief, certainty, lack of doubt.
Yusuf يُوْسُف God increases, or god gives. Also name of the Prophet of Allah (swt).
Yunus يونس dove, pigeon, also name of the Prophet of Allah (swt)
Yaqub / Yaqoub يَعْقُوْب successor, heir, following. Also name of the Prophet of Allah (swt)

Muslim boy names starting with Z


Zaakir ذاكر One who constantly praises and remembers Allah (swt)
Zakaa ذَكاء Sharpness of mind, cleverness
Zakee / Zaki زكيّ Righteousness, purification, sinless
Zul-kifl ذُوْ الكِفْل Name of one of the Prophets of Allah (swt)
Zubair زُبَيْر A brave and wise person
Zaid / Zayd زيد Abundance, excess, growth. Name of Prophet Muhammad’s adopted son.
Zain / Zayn زَيْن Adornment, beauty, grace, honour, excellence