We Pray Salat.

We know what to say in Arabic to complete the Namaz. 

But how many of us actually understand the meaning and the beauty of what is actually being recited?

In this article we will discuss the meaning of saying, sami allahu liman hamidah rabbana wa lakal hamd which is often recited after coming up from ruku in prayer.

What is the exact meaning?


The English translation of the Arabic phrase, sami allahu liman hamidah is “Allah hears whoever praises Him.”
Is it obligatory to recite this during salat?

According to the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam it is recommended behavior to recite this after ruku. If you had forgotten to recite there’s no sin committed, however, you have missed an opportunity for an eternal reward that would carry over to the next life. 

It was narrated that Rifa’ah bin Rafi said:

“We were praying behind the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) one day and when he raised his head from bowing he said: ‘Sami Allahu liman hamidah (Allah hears the one who praises Him).’ A man behind him said: ‘Rabbana wa lakal-hamd, hamdan kathiran tayyiban mubarakan fih. (O our Lord, and to You be praise, much blessed and pure praise.)’ When the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had finished, he said: “Who is the one who spoke just now?” The man said: ‘I did, O Messenger of Allah.’ The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘I saw thirty-some angels rushing to see which of them would write it down first.'” 1 Grade : Sahih (Darussalam)

This hadith answers this follow up question of the meaning of Rabbana wa lakal-hamd, hamdan kathiran tayyiban mubarakan fih (O our Lord, and to You be praise, much blessed and pure praise).

Always Praise Allah Before Making A Request

Before making any dua before Allah SWT it’s important that we first proceed with extolling and praising him. This is what is done in Surah Fatiha, it starts with praising Allah before reciting the dua, “ihdinas siratal mustaqim” which means “Show us the straight path”.

Similarly, we say “Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah” coming up from ruku because when we go down into sujud we are closest to Allah SWT.

“The nearest a slave can be to his Lord (Allah) is while they are prostrating, so increase in supplication” (Sahih Muslim, Musnad Ahmad)

This narration does not specify any particular supplication. So you may ask Allah for any worldly or spiritual need. You may offer sujud outside of prayer and can make supplication then.

Proper Pronunciation of Samiallah Huliman Hamidah

Here’s a short video to help with pronunciation. Sometimes it just helps to audibly hear in Arabic how to properly pronounce and to recite after.


1. Reference : Sunan an-Nasa’i 1062 In-book reference : Book 12, Hadith 34 English translation : Vol. 2, Book 12, Hadith 1063