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Du'a against enemies

For those unfamiliar, Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) is a well-known du'a book compiled by Said Bin Ali Bin Wahf Al-Qahtani. It categorizes authentic supplications that the Prophet ﷺ made in various situations. In the 38th chapter, "Against enemies" there is 1 supplication that you can learn and recite.

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We've created a video for each du'a to try and make it easy to learn. There's also transliteration and translation for every du'a. Lastly, after pressing the play button you can tap on any word and it'll skip to that part in the audio.

Chapter 128: To ward off the plot of the rebellious devils
1 du'a
أَعُوذُ بكَلِمَاتِ اللهِ التَّامَّاتِ الَّتِي لَا يُجَاوِزُهُنَّ بَرٌّ ولَا فَاجرٌ مِنْ شّرِّ مَا خَلقَ وبَرَأَ وذَرَأَ ومِنْ شَرِّ مَا يَنْزِلُ مِنَ السَّمَاءِ وِمنْ شَرِّ مَا يَعْرُجُ فيهَا ومِن شَرِّ مَا ذَرَأَ في الأَرْضِ ومِنْ شَرِّ مَا يَخْرُجُ مِنْهَا وِمنْ شَرِّ فِتَنِ اللَّيْلِ والنَّهارِ ومِنْ شَرِّ كُلِّ طارِقٍ إِلَّا طَارِقاً يَطْرُقُ بخَيْرٍ يَا رَحْمَنُ
A`ūdhu bikalimāti ‘llāhit-tāmmāti ‘llatī lā yujāwizuhunna barrun wa lā fājirunmin sharri mā khalaq. wa bara'a wa dhara'. wa min sharri mā yanzilu minas-samā'. wa min sharri mā ya`ruju fīhā. wa min sharri mā dhara'a fi ‘l-arḍ. wa min sharri ma yakhruju minhā. wa min sharri fitani ‘llayli wannahār. wa min sharri kulli ṭāriqinillā ṭāriqan yaṭruqu bikhayryā Rahmān.
I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah -which neither the upright nor the corrupt may overcome -from the evil of what He created, of what He made, and of what He scattered, from the evil of what descends from theheavens, and of what rises up to them, from the evil of what He scattered in the earth, and of what emerges from it, from the evil trials of night and day, and from the evil of every night visitor, except the night visitor who comes with good. O Merciful One.
Ahmad 3/419, with an authentic chain of narration, and Ibn As-Sunni (no. 637). Al-Arna'ut, graded its chain authentic in his checking of Al-'Aqidah At-Tahawiyyah p. 133. See also Majma'uz-Zawa'id, 10/127.
Hisnul Muslim 247